Open positions and P/L update


Since the Jobs report was released it has been a parabolic move to the upside on the SPX.   The move has affected all of our current open positions greatly.  Two of the current open positions are now in the money.

We Rolled some of our open positions further out to give the market some time to take a breather.  Hopefully which will lead to our positions being out of the money again.

Trades that were ROLLED:

1620/1625 was rolled again to May weekly options expiring on 5/24 for .60 debit

1635/1630 Monthly May options were rolled to June to 1645/1650 for .05 credit

1630/1635 spread from this week was rolled to 5/24 for 1.45 credit


I will be leaving for Europe later today and will not be able to post as much for the next two weeks!  So no new trades for the next two weeks.  I will periodically try to post some updates on our current trades when I get some downtime in Europe.

I will leave you with an interesting chart on the /ES (SPX futures) from the



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