/ES and RSI

Interesting How the /ES bounces when it’s RSI goes below 50.Image


3 responses to “/ES and RSI

  1. And THAT, Sonny means its in a strong uptrend. One of the reasons I have my upside target. When that 50 level breaks – WATCH OUT! Great post

    • 1570 didn’t break just yet. Today’s low is right now @ 1570.45. I think if it holds, how 1538 did a week or so ago, we make a push towards 1600.

      I hope the 1620 target you mentioned on your last post doesn’t get hit!

      • We’ll see. Like I posted on the blog last night, if we can hold here and this bloodbath in the commodity markets calms down, we could reverse here and go up. I’m looking at 1620 as a POSSIBLE upside target in about 8 to 11 trading days.

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