SonnysMoney SPX Open/Closed postions

Wish everyone a fun and safe Easter weekend! I just wanted to update everyone with all of our Closed and Open postions on the SPX.

Open Positions are highlighted in Yellow:

-4 1595/1600 expiring 4/5/2013

-4 1605/1610 expiring 4/12/2013

-4 1610/1615 expiring 4/19/2013

Screen shot 2013-03-28 at 10.14.51 PM

SPX closed today @ all time highs. It still has about 7 more points to go to take out all time intraday highs @ 1576.09


One response to “SonnysMoney SPX Open/Closed postions

  1. Great set of spreads there. I think you are going to get your “all time high” of 1576.09 close rather soon, perhaps next week. Time will tell

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