Lambo Livin

I wanted to create this website to share helpful money saving ideas and personal finance knowledge.  I will also be discussing the financial markets and share my personal trades and moves I make in the markets.  


3 responses to “Lambo Livin

  1. Smart! You are using the market like an ATM machine. Most people don’t understand this. Might I suggest is giving your site a bit of “bite” to it. I encounter a lot of traders who are looking for knowledge and if you have experience in this area -which is obvious you do – then you should post a few educational blogs, like what are the types of spreads, how to best use them, which are the most basic and easy to utilize for beginners, best ways to try them, etc. Overall, I like what you are trying to do and there are a lot of traders out there who want to help. You’ll probably want to join Stocktwits to post your live trades. You will reach a lot more people and then you can also link your web blog from it. It’s free. Once you post a chain of successful trades, the people will follow and spread your link…Like I will do 🙂 Have a great night and thanks for contacting me!

    mark alan

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